The Savage Frontier

This page will fill in the more the party explores the Savage Frontier.   Members of the party are welcome and encouraged to add to any descriptions contained here, or to create their own.  Updating this page is equivalent to writing an adventure log for gaining inspiration. 

Your adventure will start in an estate off the High Road about halfway between the bustling metropolis of Waterdeep and the growing trade town of Daggerford.  This is considered the southern end of the Sword Coast. 

Nightstone is a small motte and bailey style fort settlement.  The Rustled Raven Adventuring Company has happened upon the town abandoned after it has recently been bombarded by boulders.  The town also appears to have a goblin problem at the moment.  They know the town to be ruled by one Lady Velrosa Nandar of the Waterdeep Nandars.

Goldenfields is a sprawling walled farm community run by the dedicated worshipers of Chauntea.  

The Savage Frontier

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