Character Creation Guidelines

Since this campaign is using 5th Edition D&D I will walk you through how to build your character using the Player's Handbook as a reference.  I will just annotate the steps as they are relevant to the campaign.  You will still need an actual Handbook in hand to follow along and make the character. 

You can print a character sheet here. If you find a custom character sheet elsewhere you would prefer you are welcome to use that instead.  

1. Choose a Race

This is pretty self explanatory.   Feel free to contact Katy if you have questions about what sub-race might make most sense for your backstory.  In most cases you can just pick whichever one you like the flavor or traits of more.  There are race options beyond the Player's Handbook that have become available.  If you would like help checking out what those might be and if they might be relevant to how you want to play just let Katy know and she will try and help you gain access to them.

2. Choose a Class

Follow the handbook to fill in all important info you'll need for a level one character of your chosen class.  You can follow the "Quick Build" suggestions or build your character piece by piece.  I am a fan of the latter as it allows you to think about each choice more.  Making each choice can also help you think of how you might want to modify or customize the class to better suit the flavor of your character.  Any customization you think of should be run by Katy so she can help you finalize it (but I'm not as adept at balancing class changes). 

3. Determine Ability Scores

We will be using a 27 point buy system.  The standard array for this point buy is 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 but you can use the point system to deviate from this as much as you see fit.  You could end up with a 15, 15, 15, 8, 8, 8 character, but you really limit what you can do in the world.  Remember, your average Joe on the street has 10's across the board, so taking an 8 in something is significant. 

4. Describe Your Character

You should choose an alignment, ideal, bond, flaw, and background for your character.  It would be beneficial to work with the other players to craft a way you know each other.  You will start the campaign as a brand new adventuring party.  It is up to you why your character would want to be in an adventuring party beyond the general gold and glory aspect (there is nothing wrong with just being in it for the gold and glory). You could all be lifelong friends, someone could have put up a posting recruiting others to join them in a new adventure.  Whichever way the group goes, you have been together for some time and have completed various small tasks.  You have not hit it big nor have gained enough of a reputation to be trusted with higher rewarding tasks.  You are struggling because you need to have experience to get experience and you just can't seem to catch a break.

5. Choosing Equipment

You can follow the suggested equipment in your class and background lists or you can build your equipment from scratch.  Let Katy know which route you are taking and if you need any help figuring out what gold you can spend building equipment from scratch.

6. Build Your Character on the Portal

Take all the information you have on your new character sheet and create your character on the portal.  Be sure to pick an awesome picture for your character as well! 

Character Creation Guidelines

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