Storm King's Thunder

To the Caves (Finally)

Can you dig it?

After what felt like weeks, we finally headed out to the caves to find the rest of the village.  Truth be told, I have no idea why they would go to the caves at all.  "Caves are always full of safety and I will go there with my unarmed family to be warmly welcomed by whatever lives there" said no one ever.  We get to the cave and guess what, we have to decide what to do again.  I swear, we need to decide on premade plans for certain standard situations.  Seriously, I would be surprised if this is the last cave we see. Anyway, we went in through the front door, eh, cave…hole…thing.  There waiting for us was the family friendly non humans that welcomed us and told us that they have the towns folk and they have been taking good care of them.  And there was tea and scones.  I love scones.  But seriously, it was a bunch of monsters that hated us and we killed them.  Also, seriously I love scones.  

After clearing out the caves and violating one of their water sources, we came across a short green monster that claimed to be a "child" and was "happy to see us".  I was going to kill it, but then I didn't.  I don't remember why.  Kalius then used his God powers to change into a critter and scout the next room.  Now, this next part will blow your F*cking mind.  The Goblins actually captured and tortured the townsfolk.  In such a comfy and inviting cave!  Well, we were not going to let such manners go unpunished.  We then killed them.  Then we stopped, leaving a few alive.  Still don't know why. We then released the townsfolk and some how convinced them to return to their homes. (Really, a cave!)  Anyway, we then headed back to Nightstone for scones.   I love scones. 


Tacster michkell101

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