Storm King's Thunder

That went about as well as was expected.

Not my fault.

The other short person in our party1 was trying another one of her "famous" grifts to obtain financing for our journey as well as some support so we would be taken seriously (what fool would take me seriously?).  The mark2 saw right through the ploy and instead of arresting us, he employs us!  In exchange for sponsorship, we have to advertise this little person as out boss and we are performing deeds in his name (lazy if you ask me)3. The good news is that we received a mission from him right away4.  We are to travel to Night Stone (Nightveil?) where it is up and coming or something5.  When we arrived, the place was trashed.  Rocks everywhere6 and invested by goblins.  As per my party's usual methods, we spent a solid hour discussing how to do what we always do and run right into combat7. We did a weird march to the enemy8 while we waited for our tall archer lady9 to soften up the enemy for us.  Then, one of the bastards broke through10 and injured Kalius.  I blacked out after that, but when I came to, everything was dead.  Either way, I am not digging any goblin graves today. 

  1. Kithri
  2. Tildin Tifflewinkle the Dragonslayer
  3. Smart if you ask me, since he wants to make money off of his name now
  4. We also got some gear from the dragonslayer. Matching cloaks and raven feather pins that are actually sending stones. A good deal, if you ask me
  5. The town needed help with something. We were to meet a contact within the trading company there
  6. Dropped from the sky, according to Taggerspout. What could do that?
  7. We scouted out the area first, found that there was an attack of some sort that caused the residents to flee and then the goblins came in after. Of course anything that resembles strategy is a waste of time for Gogor
  8. Stayed with the slower members of the party. I'm not going to be by myself when there are two worgs running at us
  9. Torelia
  10. Ran through the smoke that Taggerspout threw down for no real reason​​​​​​​

I'm not a great fan of Tildin. He seems to be big on the story and I'm not sure how much of it is true. The tapestries in his library depict grand battles, some of which don't seem possible… But like Gogor said, we're actually getting paid to work instead of just being given a pat on the back.The people of Nightstone ran north, but it seemed like a good idea to make sure no one was left inside. We know of at least two more goblins in the town, but I'm planning for 10 more based on the tracks that Gogor and Torelia counted. We can easily get the jump on the ones in the bell tower and get rid of that incessant ringing, but we've no idea where the rest are. The obsidian stone that the town is named after is missing as well, probably taken by whatever dropped these boulders on the town.



Tacster Kinsoto

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