Storm King's Thunder

Stuff is still Happening

What? Where am I?

I kind of blacked out there (sniff), where was I? Oh yeah, the group went to the keep and talked to some guards about where the rest of the village was, they argued a lot. I was not paying any attention. 

We left the keep to head out to the caves only to meet the Black market people coming into town.  They seemed interested in sticking around and kicking us out.  We said no, I shook some hands, we laughed, it was a good time. 

We then went our separate ways and decided to sleep in the church for the night since we took too long deciding on what not to do.  In the morning, the elf woke us up to tell us a group of Orcs decided to squat in the town (how rude!).  We decided to tell them on a personal level, with my axes.  We killed them.  It was great, so great even Kalius was having fun!

We made out way back to my favorite Inn, the Bread and Butter.  There we found the Black Market people again and decided to not team up.  I shook hands again and we left.  We then took out another 6 orcs before they retreated.  It was a decisive victory and I was so happy. We met up  with the Black market people one last time.  I shook hands, the ranger took a bag, we laughed.   It was  a good time.  I hope to see them again soon.


Tacster michkell101

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