Storm King's Thunder

Stuff is Happening!

What is wrong with this town?

This town is in need of adventures now more than ever.  In a 48 hour period they have been attacked by Giants, raided by Goblins, infiltrated by black market bandits and stormed by Orcs.  If the the gods wish to take this place, they are going to have to try harder than that!  The Fist of the Dragon Slayer will destroy any who stand in our way!

Following the goblins begin removed, we captured a woman who tried fooling us into letting her escape.  She tried to send word to her companions, but the Ranger shot the beast clear out of the air (a fantastic shot in my opinion, I will keep my eye on her).  We interrogated her (roughly? I don't remember but  she does) and out she is part of the black market (not sure what that even means).  Everyone smarter than me in the group thought it was a bad thing but not bad enough to kill her.  I untied her and walked away out of boredom. I then found flour, a lot of flour.  I took it, 50 pounds of it.

We then proceeded to go to the castle tower where the bridge was broken.  Everyone was taking their time and I was already bored. I tried running across the bridge they created and promptly fell.  the next part hurt me worse than any other pain.  I lost all  50 pounds of flour.  I had great plans for than flour.  I wanted to make bread in the kitchen of the town.  I feel that they would have ample butter and honey to make the best breakfast.  I wanted to make sweet cakes dressed with fruits and cream.  I wanted to make chicken pot pie with the bounty of the town around me (tear drop).  I wanted to feed the party and show them that I am not just a couple of axes and sweet hair.  Sigh…


Tacster michkell101

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