Storm King's Thunder

Preview of Sunday's Adventure Log

It's not too late!

Based on the current discussion of character motivations, thoughts, and goals here is a preview of Sunday's adventure log:

Plagued by apathy and the inability to make decisions the group ends up staying in Goldenfields longer than intended.

Gogor- Appoints himself Chosen Taster of Chauntea.  He spends most of his days in the Yeti's kitchen inventing new things to eat from the bounty of the fields.  He has grown a belly to rival that of even Guh perhaps.  He has also given up on the false god he once followed because this new god has way more food.


Kalius- Has come to love the people of Goldenfields and has decided to settle and put down roots.  These days he has an ever growing family of crows roosting in his upper branches and happy child swinging in his lower ones.


Zhaine- Feeling sorry for the bear's loss he has taken up the role of Bo's lost companion.  The two of them can be found wandering the fields and tree stands foraging for things to eat and stuff in their pockets.


Torelia- Having "taken care of" the incompetent Captain she and Xi have greatly improved the level of Goldenfields defenses.  They now live with their flying cat Rix in a small sunny cottage near one of the walls.


Kithri- The day after losing her soul to the collector she finally gives in and marries Oren.  These days she can be found drowning her sorrows in a flagon of Goldengulp while stuffing her face with Gogor's latest creations.


Taggerspout- Has decided to take over the Black Market's interests in Goldenfields and deviating pretty far from their original plan.  He has taken over the brewery but no one has quite figured out if anything has changed yet…


If this is not how you envision your character's story ending, it's not too late!  Come prepared on Sunday to discuss thoughts, motivations, and goals!  


Tacster Nymerias

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