Storm King's Thunder

Character Creation

You have plenty of time to think up your characters for this adventure, but in case you need some inspiration you might want to check out the recent Unearthed Arcana articles.  They have been running through all of the classes adding different paths and flavors. They have been running through the classes alphabetically and will pick back on the 9th with the Ranger.  Since we moved the start date back all of the classes will have their new playtest paths available to choose from before we start.  

Update: They threw us a curve ball and instead of releasing the Ranger it is an entirely new class today! So I don't know what all we will be seeing before Feb 12th.

All Unearthed Arcana Articles 

Upcoming Additions:

  • Jan. 9th- Artificer! 
  • Jan. 16th- Ranger and Rogue! (2 new ranger and 1 new rogue)
  • Jan. 23rd- nothing…
  • Jan. 30th- more nothing…
  • Feb. 6th- last chance for it to be the sorcerer before we start playing….



Tacster Nymerias

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