Rise to the Height of Your Destiny


We live in a world dominated by humans, elves, dwarves and other such smallfolk*. They sit in their strongholds, squabble and fight their small petty wars.  They forget that their place should be underfoot of the greater races.  The world used to rightfully belong to the Dragons and Giants.  Recently Tiamat tried to reclaim that right, but was easily thwarted by the pathetic smallfolk** of the North.  Thankfully, there is another chance to put the smallfolk*** back in their place.  The Giants can still put the world back to its natural state and return to the glory of Ostoria.


*Not including Gnomes because they suck.
**But not the Gnomes because there is no way they could stop of the Mother of Dragons.
***This time it does include Gnomes because they above all need to be shoved to the bottom of the world and sat on.

Storm King's Thunder

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